About us

Grieg Philippines is the manning arm of Grieg Star. The company was established in 2009 with an objective to enhance the focus on training and competence development of our seafarers and to build a common company culture. Grieg Star has been present in the Philippines for the past three decades, employing Filipino officers and crew for its highly specialized fleet of open-hatch vessels.

Grieg Philippines ensures the supply of highly competent and dedicated Filipino officers and crew to the vessels of Grieg Star. The company aims at providing excellent services to our seafarers, and offers competitive compensation packages and benefits.

In preparation for the future, we source our cadets from the Norwegian Shipowners Association’s (NSA) Philippines Cadet Program. At any given time, we have about 100 cadets in our system.

Officers’ Conferences are held bi-annually. In addition to the latest developments within Grieg Star and Grieg Philippines, the forums have shown to be productive workshops in an effort to continuously improve our operational business.

The integration of crewing as an area in the core business shows that Grieg Star has placed an increased focus on the seafarers. Selecting the right person and the corresponding training for that person is of outmost importance to succeed and to become the best and preferred employer.

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