Deck cadet Aezel Segovia won the first prize in an international competition for maritime students in Bulgaria this October, receiving special applause from GECAMET.

The challenges of work and rest hours onboard oceangoing vessels is a recurrent issue in shipping. At the International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU) – Student Conference Research Presentation in Varna, Bulgaria October 14, Deck Cadet Segovia presented a paper on the topic. The judges were so impressed by both the research and the presentation, they awarded Deck Cadet Segovia the first place in the competition. Second and third place went to Georgia and USA respectively.

Deck Cadet Segovia (left) helping a fellow seafarer

Deck Cadet Segovia (left) helping a fellow seafarer

The IAMU-Student Conference invites students from top maritime universities all over the world, and as proclaimed winner Deck Cadet Segovia was asked to present her paper again at the plenary session for IAMU where global maritime industry representatives meet annually. This led her to grab another award; noting her distinct performance and presentation skills and excellent command of English. A representative from the Gender Equality and Cultural Awareness in Maritime Education and Training (GECAMET) research project specifically applauded her study and presentation.

– The entire title of the presentation was Level of Implementation, Compliance, and Effectiveness of the Maritime Labor Convention Regulations on work and rest hours. It was started by my senior NSA cadets last year, while I was onboard, and we continued it together with our mentor Dr. Emeliza T. Estimo to raise attention internationally, Aezel Segovia says.

Emeliza T. Estimo is the Administrator at John B Lacson Foundation Maritime University in Bacolod.

Openly she told about her family’s challenges and how she felt obligated to help her parents in securing a steadier future.

Jannicke Steen

Head of Maritime HR, Grieg Star

Deck Cadet Segovia joined Grieg Star when she was about to begin her second year at JBLF Maritime University in Bacolod. She is now a fourth-year student, graduating next year. At the time, she had no sponsoring company, but was a model cadet at her maritime school. In other words, she was a top performer and the school’s administration had noticed her potential for a bright future.

Grieg Star was asked to interview Deck Cadet Segovia after attending the graduation ceremony of her seniors, among them several Grieg Star – NSA Philippines Cadets.

– Late in the evening, after having awarded and applauded the graduates, at a small pastry shop in Bacolod, we met a sharp, tough and articulate young woman, Grieg Star Head of Maritime HR, Jannicke Steen says.

– She shared her motivations for why she wanted to become a Master Mariner someday. Openly she told about her family’s challenges and how she felt obligated to help her parents in securing a steadier future. First and foremost, this meant securing a good education, not only for herself, but also her younger sisters, despite their lack of financial means.

The young woman’s comprehension of the English language was impressive, and she showed no fears, just pure confidence. Having met her family just recently, Steen says she see where Deck Cadet Segovia gets her steadfastness and perspective on life: her parents. Similarly, her younger sisters are exhibiting the same qualities.

Deck Cadet Segovia (right) with her parents and sisters

During her shipboard training year, Deck Cadet Segovia obtained very good evaluations, not only from the ship management, but seemingly from everyone who sailed with her.

– Personality wise, Deck Cadet Segovia looks positively at every aspect of life. No matter the challenge, nothing demotivates her. In fact, she seems to be motivated by hardship and the tougher road to success, Steen says.

I really would like to send a message of thanks to all hands who helped me. I don’t know how to express enough gratitude

Aezel Segovia

Deck Cadet

We wish to congratulate Deck Cadet Aezel Segovia on her prestigious award! Thank you for making your family, your friends, your university, your company, and your colleagues proud! We look forward to following your journey – on the seven seas – to success!